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Roy Parker

Member of First Class and Made it Possible For Many To Follow - October, 1953


L to R: Roy Parker and Charles Miller, 11th Class David Pipkens, 2nd Class James Edwards and John Murray, 3rd Class.

First Recipient of Meritorious Award
John Johnson - 1954


Burris, Wilson, Sessomes and Lt. Johnson First Crew To Perform and successfully Defibrillate a patient.


(PO) S. Stewart, M. Eagle, Act Lt. Theresa Jones
First All Female Crew.





















"Despite Our Glorious Past, Our Future Is Now!"



African-Americans have a long and storied history in the Baltimore City Fire Department dating back to 1953. In the first class of blacks were Lee D. Babb, Cicero Baldwin, Ernest H. Barnes, Louis Harden, Earl C. Jones, George C.W. McKnight, Jr., Charles T. Miller, Roy Parker, Charles L. Scott and Lindsay Washington. Up until that time, the Fire Department had been like a "private club" for white males only. When the first blacks were admitted to the Fire Department they had to deal with segregated beds, toilets and face bowls. Many were not allowed to use the same kitchen utensils, drink coffee or read the newspaper.  Certain firehouses had "Reserved for Colored People" signs. Blacks couldn't join the local union until eight years after they broke the color line. The Social Association of Fire Fighters (SAFF) led by Charles R. Thomas with the help of the law firm Brown Allen and Watts, Labor Leader A. Philip Randolph, The NAACP, The Urban League and some white supporters forced the Local 734 Union to bring the "Negro Issue" to the floor. Blacks were still denied Union membership until 1961 and were allowed to join only after the Union charged an unjust monetary fee.
























Vulcan Blazers History

John Johnson of Engine 30 became the first black to receive the Meritorious Conduct Award for Heroic Action in 1954.

During 1959, Fire Fighter Herman Williams was first black to be promoted to the rank of Engine Engineer, but he was not allowed to drive the Fire Apparatus to fire. Some 33 years later, Williams became a Fire Chief and served from 1992-2001. He was Appointed Chief of the BCFD. in 1992. By Mayor Schmoke.


1960 - James Chambers was promoted to rank of Fire Pump Operator. One year later, James Thomas became the first black Lieutenant.

Vulcan Blazers is founded during 1970 with Charles Thomas elected as the first president. The next year four black fireman file discrimination lawsuit against the Baltimore City Fire Department, Board of Fire Commissioners, and the Civil Service Commission. The plaintiffs won the court suit. The next year 4 black fireman filed a discrimination suit, which later became a class action suit. It became the first lawsuit of discrimination in the United States. The Attorney that worked the case was Mr. Kenneth Johnson. Having won the First case of discrimination in the fire service in the USA led the way for other successful challenges for minorities both in the Fire and Police Departments. 

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